November 30, 2005


I had a great time hunting with you. The food Karen cooked up was outstanding; the cabins- comfortable, my guide was a hard worker.

The complete adventure for me incredible adventure! Topped off with my shooting the biggest whitetail buck I have ever taken...thank you. Please accept my deposit to hunt the same time next year with you, the 1st week of your 3 week camp. Would you send me those dates so I can make all my reservations as soon as possible? I had a great time...made some new friends. My cabin buddies, Jason and Steven, were fun to be with in cabin #3...Lucky cabin #3, all three of us took beautiful whopper bucks.

Since I have returned home, I have thought about my hunt with you daily, and cannot wait to be at your wonderful farm next season...I am hooked!

Bill, thank you again, and your family for a wonderful experience!


Malcom Matheson